Grandma’s Bracelet

As generations passed, our traditions and their significance fade away. Fortunately, there remains a minority of youth who has continued to inherit these traditions. The Chinese believe that the gift of gold ornaments during the leap month is a form of blessing to the elders, wishing them happiness and longevity. The gifted ornament will signify both shared happy memories and a mark of filial piety.

On Cheong Jewellery produced this short film to remind our generation this gesture of filial piety and of love through this short film.


Client: On Cheong Jewellery
Director & Producer: Kevin Ng Jia Quan
Director of Photography: David Liu
Written by: Jeremy Teng
Production: Vicinity Studio
Editor: Kevin Ng Jia Quan
Location Sound: Emmanuel Ombilod
Music Composition + Sound design: F Can Erdoğan
AD: Kieran Cheang
Special Thanks: Jacqueline Genevieve Tan, Nikki Ho