Habits of Mind

A lighthearted and informative six-part series was produced to showcase six of the 16 Habits of Mind integrated into Mulberry Learning’s curriculum. We showcase Mulberry Learning’s standout competitive edge, being the first and only preschool to offer the Habits of Mind framework – which has been adopted under the Gifted Education Programme in Singapore.

With each video, we follow our protagonist Alex encounter problems both as a young child in Mulberry Learning and as an adult. Having nurtured the Habits of Mind at a young age, we see how the deeply ingrained Habits of Mind come to be advantageous in daily life, no matter the age.

Client – Mulberry Learning Centre
Agency – Vicinity Studio
Production – Vicinity Studio
Director – Lixia Soh
Producer – Tricia Yiow
DP – Clement You
CA – Xin Li
Art Director – Shermin Leong
Art Assistant – Wei Ling Chia/Zefang Teng
Editor – Zefang Teng
Audio Mixdown – GRYD Studio
Motion Graphics – Cherrie Sue/Kelly Teoh
Production Assistant – Wang Hao Ming