Sanctuary Care Fostering

To encourage more families to take up fostering in Singapore, we worked together with Sanctuary Care on a campaign that made use of both print and new media to get their message across.

Flyers, as well as a three-part interview story, were produced to share Sanctuary Care’s message about Fostering a Child. The interviews feature three different families and the various experiences that they’ve gone through as Foster Parents and Foster Families. Each video touches on one of three main points: The Motivation, The Journey, and The Rewards. “The Motivation” focuses on Vivek Jain’s reason for entering into Fostering, and the positive impact it has had on his family’s life. “The Journey” focuses on Ali, Taznim, and their whole family’s involvement in fostering, and the reasons why they continue to be Foster Parents. “The Rewards” focuses on the various challenges and rewards that the Chang Family has experienced throughout their time as a Foster Family.

Through our flyers and videos, we hope that Singaporeans will become more interested in Fostering and that this will encourage more new families to take part in this social cause.

Client: Sanctuary Care Boys Town