DBS x GITNB – Breaking Up with Plastic

Ever been in a toxic relationship? In a bid to empower other individuals to take action, Judee Tan breaks up on-screen, outing the culprit of her most toxic relationship as one many of us face: single-use plastics. In its fourth year running, Green Is The New Black (GITNB) partnered with DBS to inspire individuals to take the first step towards creating a more sustainable future. We produced a video that tackles the serious issue of environmental sustainability while remaining entertaining and informative. Watch as Judee Tan ‘breaks up’ with single-use plastics and introduces the benefits of her new beau, a recyclable alternative.


We worked with GITNB to promote the use of sustainable solutions in place of single-use plastics.

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    Green Is The New Black

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    Environmental, Fun, Lighthearted, Social Media

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