Branded Content Video Campaigns December 6, 2019

Hasbro – Families That #PlayTogether, Stay Together

In this digital age, we often neglect the things most important to us. We were commissioned by Hasbro to come up with a seasonal video advertisement that asked families to rethink their priorities, to lay down their devices, and #playtogether as a family.

Our concept seamlessly integrates Hasbro’s featured toys—NERF, Monopoly, and Play-Doh—into a heartwarming short that emphasizes the importance of familial bonds through the eyes of a little girl. We also delivered a video cutdown and produced versions in different languages catering to audiences from the APAC region such as Taiwan and Thailand. The videos have since racked up over a million total views on Hasbro’s social media platforms.


We produced a social media advertisement for Hasbro that captured the disconnect of the modern family and featured how Hasbro toys were able to bring them together.




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