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June 8, 2018

McDelivery® – World Cup 2018

Riding the wave of heightened emotions stirred up by the World Cup, this advertisement encapsulates the passion felt for the sport and the strong sense of camaraderie among football players. As soundbites highlight the dedication and values held by players, visuals capture the fervent emotions, friendships forged, and spirit of sportsmanship characteristic of the beautiful game. Worn out after a lively match, the team enjoys a hearty McDonald’s meal together—drawing the video to a close as the same sense of connectedness is tied to McDelivery® Singapore’s 24/7 delivery service.


During the 2018 World Cup, we worked on an advertisement that extends the connections forged between football players to McDelivery® Singapore's 24/7 delivery service.

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    Hanbaobao Pte Ltd

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    F&B, Interviews, Product Video, Promotional, Sports

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