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June 9, 2016

On Cheong Jewellery – Corporate Video

As On Cheong Jewellery approached their 80th year anniversary, we were invited to create a corporate video for the local jewellery brand known for their quality, service, and reliability. Following its humble beginnings to present-day advancements, we weave impassioned interviews with members of the team together with footage that speaks to the quality of their pieces. The values On Cheong Jewellery stands for, the dedication of their team toward their craft, and the delicate blend of old and new in their pieces is highlighted in this video.


In 2016, we worked with On Cheong Jewellery on a corporate video that simultaneously highlights the quality of their products and encapsulates their company values.

  • Client

    On Cheong Jewellery

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    Interviews, Jewellery

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