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December 23, 2021

On Cheong Jewellery 85th Anniversary : Our 85 years Journey

On Cheong Jewellery has grown to become one of Singapore’s esteemed jewellery retailers that value quality, unique designs and dedicated customer relationships. It has earned its trust and loyalty from a wide stream of customers and is the first SQC (Singapore Quality Class with People and Service Excellence) certified jeweller in Singapore since 1936.

In commemoration of their 85th Anniversary last year, we produced a short video production to celebrate the brand’s journey, gradually morphing to become one of Singapore’s leading jeweller brands. With the brand committed in their tagline “Crafted by time, Cherished for generations”, we depict how the company evolves together with their employees and customers as well as their appreciation towards their loyal customers. Therefore portraying strong continuing relationships and connections.


Video Production - Reflection video

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