The Best Software for Video Production: The Best Tools for 2021

The Best Software for Video Production: The Best Tools for 2021

The Best Software for Video Production

There is more to post-production than just NLEs.

When most people think of post-production, they think of Non-Linear Editing programs. While it is true that the bulk of post-production work is done on NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, various supplementary programs can optimise your workflow at different stages of the post-production pipeline. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, the following software is sure to improve your post-production experience.

Data Wrangling

Arguably the most crucial step in the post-production pipeline is also its first step, wrangling your footage. It is of utmost importance that all your footage, audio and photos are securely offloaded so you can begin editing. Losing data after a day of shooting is always a very costly mistake, and proper data-wrangling practices and software will serve to prevent that.

ShotPut Pro Best Tools for 2021

ShotPut Pro has a simple, yet highly functional user interafce.

ShotPut Pro is the industry-standard software for offloading media. The software offers an intuitive and streamlined user interface alongside numerous features that make wrangling your data fast, convenient and reliable. Your media should be offloaded into at least two separate locations, with checksum verifications run to ensure that all your media was copied without errors. ShotPut Pro makes this easy as it can offload and verify data into multiple locations simultaneously from a single source.

The software also comes with convenience features like: file colour coding, automatic source ejection and even PDF report generation which generates a report with metadata and keyframes of your footage.

While expensive at US$149 for a perpetual license, keeping your data safe and secure is not something anybody should cheap out on.

Ingesting Media

Best software for video production

Kyno can be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for video post-production.

Another media management software that has been gaining popularity is Kyno. Kyno possesses some data wrangling features like checksum verified backups. However, Kyno is much more than that. Some people are calling it the best software for video production on the market right now.

Kyno’s strengths include it’s incredibly robust and powerful video player. The inbuilt video player can playback the most demanding video formats like Blackmagic RAW and RED RAW R3D. It also supports real-time playback of log footage with applied LUTs and accurate slow-motion playback.

The software also allows you to browse media extremely quickly, with powerful search and filtration tools that allow you to browse through storage divides from SD cards to filled hard drives efficiently.

Kyno also comes shipped with powerful transcoding features, allowing you to encode media to numerous formats with bonuses like burning in LUTs and Timecode.

Kyno’s biggest selling point lies within its organisational features. You can edit metadata of individual clips or multiple clips at once and generate sub-clips with ease. Markers containing descriptions can also be added along with tags. All of which are immediately synced across the workspace if you are working with a team. And despite being a third-party software, Kyno can export clips with full metadata to various popular NLEs.

Coming in at US$159 for a standard license or US$349 for a premium license, both of which grant you updates for one year, Kyno is not cheap, especially if you plan to be a long-term user. However, its plethora of features that are sure to improve your workflow make it a compelling buy, and with a free trial available, there is no reason not to give it a shot.

Reviewing the Edit

Best video production software

Frame.io claims to redefine the modern video workflow with its industry-leading feature set.

The final step in the post-production pipeline is reviewing your work with your team and client. Frame.io is a cloud-based software that aims to revolutionise video workflow by providing incredibly powerful review and collaborative features.

Frame.io handles reviewing video amazingly well. By creating project folders that hold your assets (such as video drafts, images, etc.), you can invite multiple teams and/or individual viewers to access the folder and view your assets. Exports of the same project can be stacked while preserving previous versions, with the ability to playback different versions side-by-side for easy comparison. A powerful search and filter function makes it easy to locate your assets and robust permission controls let you control who can do what.

The player allows viewers to give frame-accurate comments complete with a pen tool for drawing visual notes. This prevents ambiguity and significantly improves the clarity of communication between the client/team and the editor. Comments can also be assigned statuses, making it clear what comments need to be reviewed, what is being worked on, or what has been approved.

Frame.io starts at US$15 / month for the “Pro” subscription, with a free trial that lets you experience what it has to offer. While monthly costs can quickly add up, especially if you work with a large team or have a high volume of videos, the sheer functionality of the software more than justifies its price. It is undoubtedly one of the best software for video production when it comes to review and collaboration.


Choosing what software to use in your post-production workflow goes far and beyond just selecting your favourite NLE. Regardless if you are making short clips for your social media or a production company that produces professional video content, it is important to consider the production pipeline from start to finish and find out the best way to optimise your workflow. Finding the best software for video production is a crucial step into ensuring you get the best results.

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