Video Marketing Tips for SEO Beginners

Video Marketing Tips for SEO Beginners

The best video marketing tips for seo beginners

Taking advantage of SEO could lead to a large number of people discovering your work.

SEO is one of the most effective ways to market your content to a broad audience. Yet, it is often difficult to pinpoint what makes a video trend and appear as the first result in your target audience’s search. In this article, we will be exploring techniques and strategies you can employ to maximise your chances of attracting viewers to your video.

Titles and Descriptions

One of the most common video marketing tips is to pay attention to your keywords, and for good reason. Keywords are a significant factor in improving your SEO. Similar to website SEO, having the appropriate keywords that are relevant to your target audience in your title or description can boost your video’s visibility. Take the time to research words and phrases that your target audience uses to search for content and include them in your videos supporting text. This increases the chances of gaining organic traffic, boosting your SEO.

Showing Google Trends

Google Trends is an effective and free way to research what people are searching.

However, this is not to say that you should have a word salad of popular keywords stuffed into your titles and descriptions. Similar to traditional SEO, keyword stuffing will only harm your video’s ranking as search engines penalise such behaviour. Instead, create titles that offer context to your video and set expectations for its content. Write descriptions using natural language that provides additional information about your video and company.


Despite all the advancements in search technology, search engines still fare much better at indexing text compared to visual imagery and audio. Having a transcript of your video serves two functions: it makes it more scrapable by search bots, and your videos are more accessible, increasing organic traffic.


It can be tedious and time-consuming to transcribe videos, especially if there is a lot of dialogue or an interview. Thankfully, there are numerous AI-based transcription programs available that are capable enough to automate a large part of the process for you. But do note that most come with a subscription-based payment model.


Thumbnail images are often the first thing your audience sees in regards to your video. Therefore you should think of it as a book cover or movie poster, it is a major factor in your audience’s decision to watch your video. Spend the time to make a captivating, relevant and visually pleasing thumbnail that can grab your audience’s attention.


Using the search result “Making waffles”, here is an example of a good and bad thumbnail:

Showcase thumbnails

Which video would you click on?

The first result’s thumbnail shows a delicious looking close-up of a waffle, whereas the second result shows a generic company logo. With the first result, the audience knows the content of the video is relevant to their search, but the second result could be anything. It almost looks like the logo of a clinic! It is no wonder why one is ranked higher than the other. Having a good thumbnail is one of the best video marketing tips, so make sure you put in the effort to have a good one!

Competing with Yourself

A common mistake people make is embedding the same video on multiple pages on their website. It may seem logically sound to put your video everywhere you can. After all, you want as much visibility as possible right? However, all this does is fragment your traffic. Your page and video views would be split, akin to competing with yourself.


It is better to create one SEO optimised page and embed your video there. This directs all relevant traffic to one place, improving your search ranking.

Quality First

In the end, no matter your goal for improving your SEO, you should be seeking to put out high-quality content. No amount of search engine optimization, tweaks, or video marketing tips can help you if audiences stop watching your videos because they suck!

Ensure that you have quality imagery, clear audio, and an engaging presentation that will keep your audience interested in watching till the end.

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