Our Purpose

Our purpose

To empower youths
to excel
by unlocking their
creative potential.

Associate Producer, Shaya Marran, working behind the scenes
Our Impact & Belief

Empowerment through inspiration



Youths are introduced to the latest filmmaking tools and techniques at Vicinity Studio. The programme merges theory with hands-on practice, ensuring participants grasp both concepts and applications in film production.


Career Starter Lab

Partnering with NTUC Career Starter Lab to help youth kickstart their careers in video production. A collaboration between NTUC and SNEF, this initiative offers youths a three-month job trial, structured training, and mentorship, easing their transition from education to employment.


Learning Journey

Vicinity Studio’s open house allows youths to explore and learn about each filmmaking department. Participants gain hands-on experiences and insights, understanding the roles and potential career paths in film production.


We're inspiring youths and shaping their futures.

Through our dedicated programmes, we’ve witnessed transformative journeys of at-risk youths harnessing their talents in video production. Our commitment remains strong: to empower, uplift, and inspire.


Masterclass Workshops


converted trainees/interns to Full-Time position


hours of training through learning journey and masterclasses

Join Our Mission
Stand with us in our mission to uplift
and empower the youth,
especially those at risk.

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