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Vicinity Values

These are the values that define us, that shape who we are as a community. Our values determine how we conduct ourselves in both interpersonal and professional situations, and ennobles the work that we do. 


The unknown doesn’t scare us. It sparks the fire of our imagination. Our innate sense of adventure drives us to explore far beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones. Tied closely to our values of creativity and development, our sense of Discovery is what feeds the expansion of our portfolio. It allows us to prepare for, and face the unknown. Vicinity’s leadership does not prevent risk, but instead makes it safe for their teams to take risks.


We look to do what hasn’t been done in everything that we do. We look at new ways of doing things: new ways of interpreting briefs, new ways of utilizing sound design, new ways of expressing visual language. In being creative, we do what is best for Vicinity.


Vicinity fosters a strong learning culture. We view mistakes as opportunities to grow, to be better than we were yesterday. Our failures do not define us, but merely provide a stepping stone towards future successes. There is a prevalent sense of trust in one another to strive for continuous improvement.


Through a policy of open communication and a focus on teamwork, we foster modes of high alignment within and between teams. Everybody in Vicinity is able to talk to anybody. Psychological safety is of the utmost importance to Vicinity, and each member of our community is valued and trusted and holds an equal right to be heard as the other.


Where we fail to do so, we are expected to take the necessary steps to learn from our mistakes and improve. Conversely, it is also our responsibility to create an environment of psychological safety so our friends and colleagues feel secure in sharing their mistakes, and owning up to their faults.

Working at

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Journey of exploration, together.


Within our various departments, we work towards high alignment and autonomy. Team members are expected to find and craft a system that allows them to maximize their strengths together. Leadership steps in only when the system does not produce timely, high quality results, and even then it is to facilitate honest, open conversations about how to improve.


There is no space for egoistic behaviour. Brilliance is not an excuse for being abusive. The concept of a high-functioning sociopath (the excuse used by many people who think they’re good at their job but want to treat others poorly) is best left for the armchair psychiatrists. We are not self-serving. We serve our community.


When we do our work, it is with a clear objective in mind, and we do our utmost to fulfil it. This paves the way for excellence. We also have a culture of rewarding excellence and good team ethic, as these are the engines that push us forward as a company.

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