Invoicing Instructions

"Share our vision. Share your inspirations. Share your invoice, properly." - Vicinity Studio's Finance

Invoice Content Requirements

Vicinity Studio wants to pay you in accordance to your services rendered. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these requirements as it will help us to process your invoice faster. Any exception to these rules may result in invoice rejection or delayed payment as well as additional communication and coordination between our teams.

  • If you are engaged in Singapore, please bill to Vicinity Studio Pte. Ltd. 
  • If you are engaged in Malaysia, please bill to Vicinity Studio Sdn. Bhd.
  • Email the invoice to the producer’s email address.
  • Project title must be stated + date of job rendered.
  • Please include a unique invoice number for each invoice you sent. The system auto rejects repeated invoice numbers.
  • Invoice must be in a .pdf format when emailed. If not, the system will not receive it.
  • A breakdown of description must be stated in the invoice.
  • DO NOT use Tax Invoice, if you are NOT GST registered.
  • Full Name/Mobile Number/Invoice Number/Address/BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER & BANK/SWIFT CODE must be stated in the invoice.
  • Please use Subtotal and Total correctly. We will only process whatever was keyed in Total.
  • For any transportation claims, please include them within your invoice and add the receipt in the same .PDF that is sent over.

Why do we demand a Quotation or Service Agreement?

        Challenges with Informal Arrangements: The prevalent practice of accepting jobs via WhatsApp, though convenient, often lacks the necessary formalities, leaving freelancers exposed in disputes.

        Safeguarding Freelancer Interests: It is vital for freelancers in Singapore and Malaysia to protect their professional interests.

        Averting Misunderstandings: Establishing work terms through formal quotations and service agreements is crucial in preventing any miscommunication.


          Invoices that do not state the company’s full entity (e.g Vicinity Studio Pte. Ltd.) In full will be rejected

          Invoices that do not have a service agreement will be rejected if a quotation was not provided by the vendor, and signed by any Producer/Finance/Admin/HR personnel of Vicinity Studio.

          Bank account details, including account number and which bank, must be listed on the invoice.

          Payment will be processed in 30-60 days terms from the date of invoice received. Payment will be made within 3 days if a credit card option is available without additional fees incurred by Vicinity Studio.

          If the information on the invoice is incorrect, we can only process the invoice 30-60 days from the date we have received the revised invoice.

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