June 14, 2022

James Cook University Singapore – Empowering Generations From Us, to You

James Cook University Singapore is a branch of James Cook University, based in Townsville, Australia. JCU is a world-class university that ranks consistently as one of the world’s top 300 universities, has also recently attained the prestigious QS 5 Stars ranking in 2021 for our achievements in the categories of teaching, employability, research, and facilities.

To promote the uni to prospective students which can both excite and inspire them, we have created a short video to showcase a variety of exciting career paths as well as the different courses available at JCU which will lead students to have a brighter future. Hoping to spark inspiration and excitement in the students, the video gave a few insights and perspectives of successful industry leaders who graduated from the university for students looking for a role model. Therefore creating connections with people through education.


Video Production - Marketing video

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