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October 22, 2021

NUS Giving – Masterpiece Music Video

Written and sung by NUS alumna Linying 林颖 (’16) and produced by Claire Chew, “Masterpiece” is an uplifting pop track featuring an upbeat drum groove, with acoustic guitars and melancholic keys as the driving harmonic instruments. In connection to the work that NUS Giving do with the help of donors, through the music video, NUS Giving hopes to inspire people to be the catalyst for positive change and be a part of a meaningful cause.

The music video revolves around medium close-ups of the singer, Linying as well as close-up shots of the main actress and the activities of NUS Giving. Cinematic in quality and focused on facial expressions, it was designed to best bring out the emotional storytelling aspect of the narrative. A warm colour tone was utilised, providing an intimate and heartfelt touch to the video, further driving the music track.

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