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May 13, 2016

On Cheong Jewellery – Grandma’s Bracelet

As generations pass, the significance of some traditions inadvertently fades with time. The Chinese believe that gifting gold ornaments during the leap month is a form of blessing to their elders, an act that signifies filial piety and a wish for their happiness and longevity. This custom is woven into a stirring tale of the special bond between a little boy and his beloved grandmother.

Although our loved ones may not always remain by our side, the memories made and the bonds forged will always remain precious and enduring. We mirror this sentiment with the traditional practice, incorporating an animated storytelling element that speaks to the rich culture of Chinese mythology. This compelling short film builds on On Cheong Jewellery’s tagline: Crafted by time, Cherished for generations.


We had the privilege of working for On Cheong Jewellery on this short film which seeks to revive a Chinese tradition through a poignant tale of love.

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