Branded Content
June 15, 2021

Singapore Police Force – In Parallel

Produced to promote the 2021 SPF Volunteer Recruitment Drive and in conjunction with the video series Untold Stories, In Parallel showcases the real-life contributions of the various police volunteers as they step forward to safeguard the community in daily life. Roles range from Community Watch Scheme (CWS), SPF Boards & Councils (SPFBC), Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC), Citizens on Patrol (CP), Volunteer Special Constabulary Community (VSCC), and National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC).


The video aims to help more people understand the tasks within each role and be inspired to sign up as volunteers under the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and play a huge part in protecting the people in our community — and in turn, recognize their contributions back to society.


Video Production

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