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September 8, 2021

Singapore Police Force – Stories Untold (Profile Series)

To begin the SPF Volunteer Recruitment Drive 2021, we helped produce a profile series titled Stories Untold, featuring different police volunteers in their respective roles while discussing their motivation and journey of being part of the Singapore Police Force.

We often come across police officers patrolling around our neighborhoods, parks, or even shopping centers. However, who exactly are they, and what exactly are their responsibilities?

By producing a profile series of the Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) (Community) officers, it has provided a platform for the officers to share their motivations behind signing up as SPF volunteers. This has also allowed for a more in-depth understanding of their role and the challenges and difficulties they faced within their job.

The videos introduced the SPF Volunteer Recruitment 2021, encouraging more to sign up as volunteers to create their own stories within SPF.


Video Production


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