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October 15, 2021

Sunburst Virtual Concert 2021: The Business Times – CapitaLand Fundraising Show

For this year’s Sunburst Virtual Concert 2021: The Business Times-CapitaLand Fundraising Show, we produced a series of webisodes featuring members of MDAS, SOTA’s alumni, volunteers, donors, and organizers on their contributions and experiences participating in Sunburst. In commemoration of 5 years of Sunburst and the second year, Sunburst went virtual due to the pandemic being exceptionally special this year. Showcasing wonderful dance and group performances from the participating members that aim to give an insight into how Sunburst has touched the many lives of those whose paths have crossed – creating a positive impact on others. Therefore, creating an effective connection with the whole community.


Video Production - Webisodes

  • Strategy

    Virtual Concert, Fundraising Show

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    SOTA - School Of The Arts

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    Community Engagement, Performance, Singing, Virtual Concert

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