Product Shows
May 20, 2021

Volvo Trucks Singapore – FM/FMX Virtual Launch

Product Shows May 20, 2021

Volvo Trucks Singapore – FM/FMX Virtual Launch

At the turn of the decade, the landscape of marketing shifted drastically. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, brands can no longer fall back on highly-publicized live conferences to unveil their latest and greatest inventions. Yet, the train of innovation presses on. One way or another, word of new products must get out like before. Digital media consumption is at its all-time peak; it is primetime to take reign in the previously untapped world of virtual launch events.

To kick off Volvo Trucks Singapore’s launch of their brand new line of heavy-duty trucks, we produced a virtual product launch conference. By playing into the strengths of pre-recorded video and supplementing its weaknesses by strategic means, we delivered a virtual event that was on par with any of its live counterparts. Highly informative yet engaging, the video production accomplished the goal of garnering excitement and anticipation for Volvo’s new products.

In line with our mission to never compromise on quality, our team came up with new ways to tackle any setbacks we encountered. We overcame the challenges of video production in a post-COVID media landscape to put out a product that meets and exceeds the standards of our previous work.

The conference debuted on Volvo Trucks Singapore’s FaceBook page to positive reception, garnering tens of thousands of views and exposing Volvo Trucks to a broader audience than ever before.


Two entries for Best Content Creation for a Virtual Event and Best Virtual Event (B2B) have also been shortlisted for the Marketing Events Awards 2022 and were awarded Silver for Best Content Creation for a Virtual Event.




To launch Volvo’s new heavy-duty line of trucks, we produced a marketing campaign and a virtual product launch conference video production. The conference was all about unveiling the new range of trucks while delivering an engaging experience to viewers that seeks to surpass the excitement of a live event.

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