September 9, 2021

Canon Camera – Reinvent Perspectives

We teamed up with Canon Asia to produce a campaign series that features the different types of photography- from Wedding to Fashion to Macro. Each video follows a photographer from a particular field as they share their tips and tricks while showcasing the process behind the works.

In this era, photographs are used as a form of memory of one’s everyday life. But what happens when this practice becomes a profession?

Photography – a common term that is used to describe the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. However, there is way more than what seems hidden behind the general term. The series aims to discover the different forms of photography, allowing one to learn more from the experts of each field as they share their little own tips and tricks while on the action.

This series has gained more than tens of thousands of views on Canon Asia’s YouTube channel, promoting the new Canon camera, EOS R System, and encouraging many to kick start their passion for photography.


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