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January 24, 2022

National Arts Council (NAC) – Cultural Medallion & Young Artist Award 2021

The Cultural Medallion & Young Artist Award 2021 is open for public nominations once a year. National Arts Council (NAC) honors local artists whose artistic excellence, contributions, and commitment have benefited Singapore’s arts and cultural scene. The award is specially dedicated to individuals that display professional maturity in their practice through a distinctive body of work, a strong display of leadership, and at which pushing the boundaries in their respective fields of practice locally and internationally.

A total of 130 artists have been awarded to the current date in the fields of film, literary arts, performing arts, and visual arts. This weekly profile series features 13 local art practitioners, sharing their stories in attracting and inspiring generations of people, artists and audiences.

These nominees are usually assessed upon what they have achieved/demonstrated in many ways for example Artistic excellence and professional maturity, manifest through an outstanding and distinctive body of work, contributions, leadership, inspiring other artists, and recognition locally as well as internationally – therefore creating connections with people through arts.



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