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September 8, 2022

Goldheart Jewelry – Love Beyond

Goldheart Jewelry is one of Singapore’s largest fine jewelers and an exclusive distributor of Celestial – offering a wide range of modern to traditional 916/999 Gold & Gems jewels and accessories for their special day and beyond. Their creations have weaved their romance on countless people through their timeless yet beautifully crafted design. Also, a brand that is a synonym for its elegance, sophistication, and expression of lasting love.

We produced a campaign video for Goldheart Jewelry to present the brand’s fine jewelry and create a remembrance for all young couples or inspiring brides-to-be to choose Goldheart for their special one. With the main concept of long-lasting memories/moments through love and proposals, this marketing video creates connections through experiences as they embark on another chapter/milestone in their lives.


Video Production - Campaign Video

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