Branded Content Video Campaigns
March 8, 2022

Spark Connections – Serendipity Awaits (YouTube ads)

Organized by Social Development Network (SDN), Spark Connections is a year-long campaign that offers eligible individuals fun events and activities to add excitement to their lives and pursue their hobbies and interests. It aims to spark new skills and lifestyles for active individuals from a range of exclusive events and activities with different people through connections and bonding activities. Individuals can choose up to 6 different events and exciting categories of adventure, passion, imagination, and inspiration such as experiential workshops, outdoor adventure activities & tours, gaming sessions, and many more. Eligible individuals can register themselves as Spark Connections members and receive $100 worth of free Spark Connections credits to offset up to 50% of the event costs.

These 15s YouTube ads serve to bring excitement and awareness of such events to the public and bridge a community through shared experiences.


Video Production - YouTube Ads

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