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HalalSG – Get Festive Series

We had the wonderful opportunity to produce two engaging videos as part of HalalSG’s Get Festive Series—a collection dedicated to unraveling and dispelling misconceptions surrounding halal practices. Our goal was to delve into the commonly misunderstood aspects and present them in an enlightening and informative manner.


Our first video, tailored for Diwali, featured the insightful presence of our guest, Eswari Gunasagar. In this illuminating episode, we delved into her experiences, unraveling the essence of the Festival of Lights. Our exploration extended to understanding ways to create an inclusive celebration that resonates with our Muslim friends.


Concluding the series, we crafted a Reunion episode featuring returning guests Zuhairi Idris, Sharul Channa, and Patricia Mok, who had previously participated in the series. Hosted by Hafidz Rahman, the episode unfolded as an entertaining and enlightening discussion on the diverse cultural festivities in Singapore. The conversation delved into inclusive practices, offering insights on how to make these celebrations universally welcoming, including considerations for our Muslim friends.

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