We are featured in Parliament!

We are featured in Singapore Parliament as a case study on 4th March 2022!

Cited from the recordings:  “One example is Vicinity Studio, a local content production company founded in 2017. The company works with its union, the Creative Media and Publishing Union, CMPU, and the NTUC training and placement eco-system to conduct an operations technology roadmap and develop a 3-year work plan to transform it’s business and workforce. This helps Vicinity to take steps to improve its HR capabilities and staff competencies. The studio has seen grown its business and hired 13 additional new staff, some of home, interns, and SGUnited Trainees. I urge enterprises to tap on these available resources and work with us to strengthen our economy and workers together.”

Vicinity Studio was mentioned in the parliament as the Minister for Trade and Industry Mr. Gan Kim Young mentioned us during the Parliament proceedings provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). Highlighting the partnership between CMPU – Creative Media and Publishing Union and Vicinity Studio in developing the HR capabilities and work plan through the Company Training Committee (CTC). The program develops a 3-year roadmap in areas of business and workforce development plans through a partnership with SMEs – a win-win situation while working with one another. The Livestream further elaborates the growth of Vicinity Studio as a small company and the benefits of enterprises when working together to strengthen Singapore’s economy. 

The Creative Media and Publishing Union CMPU is an affiliated union of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) that was formed on the 1st of January 2015. CMPU, is a platform for working professionals in industries such as Creative Media, Publishing, E-Commerce, Gaming, Social Media, Journalism sectors, as well as other adjacent industries. They became an industry-wide union that represents employees in the creative media, publishing, journalism sectors, as well as other adjacent industries. 

We are glad to get this appreciation – a strong will, and motivation to reach greater heights through such collaborations & connections.

Watch the full recordings at: https://youtu.be/iJHIai8aB2U?t=5218


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