How Videos Can Empower Charities

Charities come across a handful of challenges when in the pursuit of promoting their cause. Their livelihood depends on the engagement of supporters. To put their voices out there and to be heard, charities must explore a range of strategies that best benefit them. Through the combination of visuals, sounds, and narratives, videos and their attention-grabbing disposition work wonders in pulling focus to charities and their admirable work. 

Why Charities Should Opt for Videos

Builds Awareness and Engagement

Statistics show that videos are indeed effective in building awareness for a charity and their cause. Videos provide a dynamic platform for storytelling. Charities can use videos to share compelling stories of individuals or communities impacted by their work. Personal narratives are often more emotionally resonant and can motivate viewers to take action and contribute.

Optimising the appeal of vibrant colours, animation proves to be one of the optimal choices for driving engagement. Our work for SKM Friend of Singa, a lively and colourful explainer video that guides viewers on becoming a Friend of Singa, exemplifies this approach. The pairing of vivid visuals and amiable narration not only imparts valuable information but also inspires students to actively participate in their communities, fostering a sense of belonging to the Kindness movement.

Builds Transparency and Trust

Establishing trust with the public is essential for the long-term success of a charitable organisation. Videos serve as a great opportunity to introduce the charity and elaborate on the cause in detail. Through the medium of videos, the audience is able to develop a clearer comprehension of the charity’s purpose and the actions expected to be performed by them as individuals supporting the cause.

Videos can be used to provide transparency about how donations are utilised. Showing behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with staff, or updates on ongoing projects helps build trust with donors by demonstrating the organisation’s accountability and commitment to its mission.

The display of empathy and care towards others fortifies the foundations of trust. Our approach to the work we’ve done with Singapore Hospice Council emulates that. The series of narrative videos serves as a reminder on how ignorance towards our own health can bleed into the lives of our loved ones, hurting them just the same.


Helps with Fundraising

Videos play a crucial role in charity fundraising by harnessing the power of storytelling, visual impact, and transparency. Through compelling narratives, charities can use videos to share the personal stories of those impacted by their work, creating an emotional connection with potential donors. The visual element allows organisations to showcase the tangible effects of donations, making the cause more relatable and motivating viewers to contribute.

According to Nonprofits Source, out of everyone who engages with charities on social media, a notable 55% percent of them ultimately undertake meaningful actions that benefit the cause and 59% of those people provide monetary support through donations.

25% Discount for Charities

It’s a common belief that video production is an avenue only possible for larger, more established charitable organisations but that is not the case. Charities of any caliber are able to opt for videos that speak of their purpose through the widespread availability of affordable video production tools and platforms. With these existing amenities, all charities have the opportunity to reach their audience through resonating videos.

By utilising video production and having a well-developed strategy, charities can successfully connect with their intended audience, motivating them to participate in the name of making a difference.

Vicinity Studio has had a hand in working with charities, amplifying their voices through carefully crafted videos. Always, Mother, an interactive charity film produced for St. Luke’s Hospital, raises awareness for dementia care and lends a voice to caregivers and their struggles. Poignant and powerful, with a distinctive interactive format, the film places viewers in the caregiver’s shoes. New scenarios are unlocked through each decision made, providing insight into the intricacies of caring for loved ones with dementia.


We believe in creating meaningful and impactful videos that help charities achieve their goals. We take pride in contributing to Singaporean charities by providing a 25% discount on our services. Reach out to us at Vicinity Studio by email at [email protected] or call +65 6993 6993.

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