Video Marketing Strategy 101: Video Production Retainers

Establishing a consistent presence is vital for effective business promotion. In the midst of a saturated and competitive market, the key is producing high-quality content that will stand out. Entrusting this task to a proficient video production agency through a retainer arrangement proves to be a valuable solution, ensuring the delivery of compelling content that resonates well in the market.

What is a Video Production Retainer?

A video production retainer is an agreement done with a video production agency to act as an in-house marketing team, creating consistent, effective video content aligned with key messaging. The agreement typically would be arranged for a 6-12 month duration to deliver a predetermined amount of photos and videos.

The Benefits of Having a Video Production Retainer

Cost Effective

By providing bulk discount pricing instead of individual project rates, it results in substantial cost savings. This not only benefits the budget but also facilitates a more streamlined financial management process.

Efficient and Easy for Integration

Businesses can save valuable time by avoiding the need to research and engage with multiple video production companies. Instead, a retainer allows them to establish an “in-house” video production team, ensuring consistent, reliable, and centralised access to video assets. This approach enhances efficiency and fosters a seamless integration of video content into the overall marketing strategy.

Ensures Consistency

The regular workflow inherent in a retainer arrangement ensures a uniform style, quality, and storytelling approach in videos. This consistency plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall impact of the marketing strategy, contributing to a more cohesive and recognisable brand image.

Ensures Prioritisation 

Constant access ensures that your brand remains a top priority for the video production team. This not only fosters a stronger working relationship but also guarantees adherence to production timelines, facilitating a smoother and more predictable video production process.

Establishing a video production retainer is the foundation of a solid content creation strategy. Forging a lasting partnership with a video agency ensures the success of your video marketing strategy and ultimately amplifies your brand recognition and awareness.

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