5 Actionable Tips for Compelling Explainer Videos


Crafting an animated explainer video requires adeptly merging creativity, communication, and technology. Whether you’re introducing a new product, simplifying a complex idea, or aiming to captivate your audience, animation not only conveys your message but also ensures it remains memorable. From scripting to selecting visual styles, we’ll guide you through the crucial elements that transform a concept into a visually impactful and influential mode of communication. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of getting animated explainer videos just right.

Create a Compelling Script

At the core of every triumph in animated explainer videos is a spellbinding script, the narrative heartbeat. Forging a script for an animated explainer video demands the art of distilling intricate ideas into crystal-clear language, guaranteeing resonance with your audience. Spin a tale that grabs attention from the get-go, sustains momentum throughout, and wraps up with an impactful takeaway. A compelling script doesn’t just steer the visuals; it becomes the storyteller, transforming your animated explainer video into more than just informative.

The video we created for the National Cancer Centre Singapore empowers breast cancer patients by providing education on reproductive medicine. The script adopts a conversational approach, featuring two characters—an attending doctor and her patient. As the dialogue unfolds between the two, the audience gains a deeper understanding of the fertility procedures accessible to cancer patients.

Visual Style Matters

The visual style acts as the unique visual language that infuses vitality into your animated explainer videos, rendering them distinctive and unforgettable. The critical aspect lies in meticulously selecting a visual style that harmonises with your brand identity and strikes a chord with your audience. Be it the refined simplicity of minimalist design, the lively hues of a playful aesthetic, or the immersive quality of 3D animation, your chosen visual style establishes the overarching mood for your entire video.

In our video for PROMinsight’s Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), we embrace an animation style distinguished by its vibrant and dynamic design, strategically crafted to captivate a diverse audience. The colours and icons featured in the video mirror PROMinsight’s groundbreaking approach to healthcare technology through CAT—a system that streamlines the data collection process and seamlessly integrates with hospital IT systems.

Optimal Video Length

In the digital age, the golden rule is often short and sweet, considering fleeting attention spans. Aim for a duration that effectively delivers your message without overwhelming your audience—typically, one to two minutes hits the sweet spot. This concise timeframe keeps viewers engaged, ensuring your message is absorbed without losing interest. Prioritising brevity while maintaining content integrity not only respects your audience’s time but also maximises the likelihood of your animated explainer video leaving a lasting impact.

We crafted a concise animated video highlighting the triumph of Bosch’s Insta-Kitchen campaign. In just over a minute, we effectively conveyed comprehensive data using a contemporary motion graphic style. This showcases that informative videos don’t have to be lengthy to make an impact.

Include Your Branding

Injecting your video with unique brand elements, such as logos, distinctive colours, and taglines, is a strategic maneuver to fortify your brand identity. These visual and auditory cues not only forge a consistent and unified appearance but also cultivate a memorable and easily recognisable brand presence. When the visual language of your video aligns with your established brand identity, you not only bolster brand recall but also amplify the overall impact of your message in the minds of your viewers.

Our video, dedicated to DBS Bank and highlighting their Better World Cafe, serves as a prime example of this crucial principle. We seamlessly integrate the exact shade of red from DBS Bank’s logo into our animation, offering a creative method to infuse the bank’s branding consistently throughout the narrative. To bring everything together, the video concludes with the prominent display of DBS Bank’s logo, ensuring a cohesive and impactful representation.

Have a Clear Call to Action

As your animated story unfolds, it should effortlessly steer your audience towards the intended next steps. Whether it’s encouraging them to visit your website, subscribe to a newsletter, or make a purchase, a clearly defined Call to Action (CTA) ensures that your viewers transition from passive observers to active participants in the journey you’ve depicted. A transparent call to action gives purpose and direction to your video, elevating it from a mere visual experience to a potent tool for engagement and conversion.

Our video for the Singapore Association for Mental Health inspires the public to volunteer with the association by highlighting the positive impact their active roles can have on both their mental well-being and communities. The video provides clear instructions for individuals interested in volunteering, guiding them on the necessary actions to take.

Mastering the art of crafting compelling animated explainer videos demands a seamless fusion of creativity, storytelling prowess, and technical expertise. Unlock the potential of your videos by incorporating these five tips, ensuring they not only captivate your audience but also convey your message with crystal-clear precision, leaving an indelible impact.

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