NCCS Young Women Breast Cancer Educational – Behind The Scenes

The video we created for the National Cancer Centre Singapore stands out as an exceptional educational narrative, aiming to empower breast cancer patients. It offers invaluable insights into reproductive medicine and comprehensive guidance on fertility preservation, contributing to a better understanding and support for individuals facing these challenges. At the core of this video are two exceptionally talented individuals: Jocelyn, our Head of Animation, and Geraldine, our Illustrator. 

From the right: Geraldine and Jocelyn, joined by the rest of the Motion Graphics Team

At the outset of this project, what was the primary objective that was aimed to be accomplished?

Right from the start, Jocelyn underscored the client’s preference for a video driven by a conversational setting, steering away from a stoic and monotonous informative narration, with Jocelyn noting, “The emphasis was on ensuring the video exudes a natural, conversational feel.”

Can you walk me through the creative process from concept to completion? 

According to Jocelyn, the creative process involves extensive collaboration with clients, engaging in a back-and-forth exchange to solidify the visual direction. “They specifically desired visuals that exude softness and convey a sense of hope,” Jocelyn noted. She further explained, “In terms of colours, they expressed a preference for the widespread incorporation of pink to symbolise breast cancer awareness.” Armed with this insight, Jocelyn meticulously curated and shared references that she believed closely aligned with the client’s envisioned creative direction. With a predetermined colour palette and overall character design in mind, Geraldine delved into refining the intricate details. She explained, “My focus was on finding references for specific details, like the character’s hands and other nuanced elements.” 

Selected style and colour palette

What comes after establishing the style and colour palette?

“In addition, we conclude the character design phase during this stage. Following that, we proceed to create a storyboard, which will later evolve to become styleframes,” said Jocelyn. She explained the process, emphasising the pivotal role of crafting a storyboard to meticulously outline the sequence of scenes and the narrative flow. She highlighted that the storyboard plays a crucial role in accurately showcase the storyline’s progression within the video. Subsequently, the approved storyboard undergoes a transformative evolution, transitioning into styleframes, providing insight into the finalised video’s visual elements.

How did the collaborative effort look like between the two of you?

Jocelyn shared that she and Geraldine effectively divided the workload. “During the initial phase of the storyboard, I delegated it to Geraldine, actively contributing to the brainstorming of ideas. Subsequently, I assumed responsibility for the latter half of the process.” 

Geraldine shared that the collaborative effort with Jocelyn provided her with a valuable opportunity for learning. She expressed, “Working alongside Jocelyn has been a great chance for me to learn and grow. She’s incredibly talented and brings a wealth of experience to the table.”

Our storyboard

The storyboard

Throughout the project, were there any major changes that occured?

Having established a clear vision from the start, one that resonated with the client’s preferences, we didn’t need to implement any significant changes throughout the process,” articulated Jocelyn, hinting at a seamless work process right from the beginning.

The styleframes

What are the intended takeaways for the audience from this video?

Geraldine shares her optimism that the character design will leave a lasting impression on viewers. She states, “I believe the character design we’ve achieved is currently quite distinctive. I haven’t come across many similar designs, particularly in corporate videos, so it definitely stands out.” Jocelyn hopes that the warmth and care infused into the video are effectively communicated. She expresses, “Beyond simply acquiring information on fertility preservation, my wish is for the audience to distinctly feel and sense the genuine warmth and care that has been poured into this video.”

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