Cultivating Workforce Growth in a Gen Z Generation

What we have understood about Gen Z Employees so far:

Through our previous blog posts, we have understood how our young Generation Z, aka post-millennials employees work in a Production Agency workforce, from the detriments that they’ve faced, to the solutions implemented to provide further motivation and the ways we have provided to see progress in their roles.

By understanding the current generation and where it’s likely for them to improve under certain conditions, we start to list down the possibilities of cultivating a better mindset that could benefit the whole Production Company, while providing a better culture towards the future of the company we’ve founded. Delegating between short-term and long-term solutions, we hope to provide a cohesive list that can give clarity when working, and that this can also give everyone a better understanding of the scopes of work they can adapt at.

Let’s move to some doable solutions that have been implemented, and how it fares to long-term solutions.

Short Term Solutions:

Segmentation of Work

Segmenting the various types of work has resulted in allowing employees to be gravitated to the clients’ missions and what they hope to achieve by collaborating with us. By expanding to a variety of jobs through different clientele, we are able to carry out a bigger sense of purpose and achievement through delegating more suitable jobs.

Stronger Induction Program

Having a stronger induction program proves to be effective in bringing a sense of connectedness towards the employee to the company and its culture. Employees are able to feel seen, heard and acknowledged when meeting expectations, and from there, they are led by people who are setting the right example. In return, we are able to guide and enlighten the other employees to understand, emphasize, and execute in the best way possible, and ensure that everyone reflects the vision, mission, and the promised future of the company.

Communication is Key.

Communication is key when seeing beyond black and white, as the bigger picture is dire when visualizing the intended and inspired results when executing. By providing a space for personnels to agree to disagree, and vice versa, we have an avenue for a valley of communication where no strings will get crossed in the process, and thus, chances of miscommunication are reduced significantly.

Delegating Specific Challenges

By finding specific challenges for individuals, especially when remembering their KPIs, personnels respond to a newer sense of purpose, rather than toying with the same responsibilities of fulfilling their role. By having goals that are possible to align, it gives personnel the desire to succeed and thrive in whatever they do.

Long Term Solutions

For Vicinity Studio, we stay true to our word in understanding the people and purpose around us, and so we implemented long-term solutions that proved to have stellar results.

Culture of Coaching

A culture of coaching can provide an environment where people can contribute and achieve their desired goals. By having a mentor to provide feedback, occasional reviews, and keeping them accountable would allow the personnels to continue improving in their roles, and gives them a clearer vision of their own development. When bringing the best out of everyone, possibilities become endless, and a greater bond can be cultivated.

Developing a Culture of Recognitions

Employees at Vicinity Studio working behind the scenes, smiling

Developing a culture of recognitions plays a key role in motivating almost everyone in any company. That proves to be effective as it is a catalyst toward one’s mission to succeed further. By acknowledging and recognizing everyone’s efforts, personnels are able to feel valued, respected, and recognized, as they carry forth that motivation in everything that they do.

Doing More Experiments

Employee of Vicinity Studio, Video Production Company in Singapore, behind the camera

Doing more experiments can help in gaining more insights into the personnels’ thoughts, as well as how we could better serve their purpose. The constant observation could lead to benefits that cultivate the growth of not just the company, but as well as the personnels alone.

When competition is a norm, we find relatability by understanding what ties them together as a whole, and finding solutions that would further flourish the core values of what we do. From allowing remote work to hiring personnels from different backgrounds, we don’t stray away in trying our best to navigate different perspectives for a more concise flow of duty, amidst the rising challenges from the unrelenting consequences of COVID-19.

Collage of Employees of Vicinity Studio, Video Production Company in Singapore, working behind the scenes

Future of Work In The Industry

It is highly likely for more Gen Z personnels to feel influenced into dipping their toes in the video production industry. From technological advancements to changing social values and societal norms, we are able to integrate the knowledge we have honed to be passed down to future generations, and we, as a company, have the commitment to stay as updated as possible to be in the best state to provide the care and effort which could cultivate the growth of every personnel.

View of expressive employees, working behind the camera

In conclusion, by exploring the various ways to empower and motivate Gen Z, we are yet to find concrete data and evidence that can dictate the behavioral patterns of Gen Z Personnel, especially through work. And personnels are required to have a heightened sense of duty that allows them to spread their wings without unwanted repercussions, as no matter what, interconnected relationships and friendships, personal or not; takes both hands to clap. And when the understanding has been sunken into their core missions, we could be one step further into bringing not just “wokeness”, but being given the empathy, compassion, and understanding towards personnels of all ages to relate, bond, and collaborate as we move forward to a common goal. And we believe that this is just the beginning of a brighter future, where every talent is not shunned away, but embraced by the very same people who were in those same shoes when they were young and inexperienced. Just like the common culture of a teacher teaches a student, that cycle goes forward. And maybe by then, we are able to create more possibilities for a stronger, wiser culture in our company for others to look up to.


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