Volunteer Recruitment and Donations: A Video Strategy Guide

Boosting Volunteer Recruitment and Donations: A Video Strategy Guide for Social Service Agencies

Engaging storytelling, comprehensive sharing of your purpose, driving donations, and encouraging volunteer recruitment are the pillars of an effective video content strategy for any non-profit organisation, including Social Service Agencies, Voluntary Welfare Organisations, and Social Enterprises. The potential for video content in this context is enormous, and it’s all about tapping into it effectively.

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Encouraging Volunteer Recruitment through Emotion-Driven Storytelling

Studies suggest that emotions are crucial for remembering and recalling information, making emotion-driven storytelling a powerful tool in video content1. By creating a deeper connection with viewers through heartstring-pulling narratives, video content can leave a lasting impact. For example, the Singapore Association for Mental Health created an animation video to encourage public involvement. The video effectively promotes volunteer recruitment by showcasing the experiences of existing volunteers and the benefits of volunteering, thus inspiring viewers to play an active role in their communities’ mental well-being2.

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Sharing Your Purpose and Cause

Videos can powerfully communicate your organisation’s purpose and the cause you stand for. A case in point is Zakat SG’s video campaign on “Zakat Payment Modes Ramadan TVC 2023”, which excellently explains the ease of fulfilling Zakat Harta and Fitrah through digital platforms, thereby better communicating the purpose of their cause and the services they offer2.

Behind the scenes of Zakat Ad.

MUIS – Zakat Ramadan TVC

Driving Donations through Fundraising

Creating a film or concert for fundraising can be a highly effective way to drive donations. These initiatives offer an engaging experience for your audience while serving the purpose of raising funds. Statistics show that 57% of people who watch an organization’s fundraising videos will end up making a donation3. The videos produced for St Luke’s Hospital, such as the “Always, Mother” campaign and the “Sunburst Virtual Concert 2021”, have successfully used this approach2.

Behind the scenes for St Luke's Hospital.

St Luke’s Hospital – Always, Mother

Working with a professional video production company, like Vicinity Studio, can be a highly effective strategy. Vicinity Studio has been crafting compelling video content for non-profits since 2017. They understand the unique needs and challenges of the sector and offer a 25% discount for social service sectors, making professional video production more accessible for nonprofits. Having a professional handle your video production needs can lead to increased engagement, improved brand recognition, and increased donations, providing a compelling narrative that engages viewers, creates emotional connections, and demonstrates the impact of your work4.

Stills from NUHS: Healthy Hearing, Healthy Ageing Video.

NUHS – Healthy Hearing, Healthy Ageing

If you’re planning to amplify your recruitment, fundraising efforts, or simply share your story more effectively, consider crafting a video content strategy today. For a quotation or proposal concept for your recruitment or fundraising plans through video production content, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!



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